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The True Strength Behind a Prestige Destination Brand

In an age of fast moving marketing, billion dollar social media property acquisitions and brand leadership on a massive scale, the Banff Springs Hotel stands out as a brand apart. It is a destination that has means different things to different travellers. Its brand stakeholders are incredibly varied. Throughout every engagement however the experiential brand […]

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Great SMBX event at Toronto Region Board of Trade

I had the pleasure of attending the first 2014 Small and Medium Business Exchange at the Toronto Regional Board of Trade.

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Branding and the Design Company

We design companies are a troublesome bunch. We want to be everything for everyone not because we are greedy but because we believe that we can apply our problem solving process to any problem and with any client. However, business is about finding a focussed need in a market and then supplying a product or service that fulfills it.

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Quality is the future

In an over saturated world how much more can we handle?

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Intro to 3D Printing Meetup

Some photos from the 3D Printing Presentation run by Draft Print 3D + People & Code.

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Disruption is a Euphemism for Extinction

What companies can learn from the dinosaurs about change.

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Flying Cars Are Stupid

Flying cars have been apart of the futurist vision of the world to come for the at least the past half century. Since the turn of the millennium the chorus from the tech industry, billionaire and blogger alike, has grown louder. The din has become noisier. Their demand is simple, where is my flying car? After over 50 years of waiting and wondering, can’t we imagine something better?

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