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Giving Credit to Better Credit
Union Branding

While crawling around the vastness of the internet the other day looking for some design inspiration, I came across a pretty cool company in San Francisco. They had a beautiful website, offered cutting edge technology, a drive to help new entrepreneurs, a sense of community and social engagement, friendly knowledgeable staff and a ton of links to industry related resources and topics. Pretty great. What struck me the most was that this company was a credit union.

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Chip’s Ahoy! Captain John’s Casino Rebrand

Love it or hate it, Captain John’s restaurant at the foot of Yonge Street has been a Toronto landmark since the mid 1970’s.

Full disclosure here. Modu Design and Captain John’s are neighbours – we’re at One Yonge right across the street from its mooring.

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The Power of Streaming and Soda

I love this recent story about the banned Soda Stream Super Bowl ad.
Obviously Coke and Pepsi are the monster sponsors for the big show and CBS doesn’t want those dudes mad. I can see Coke and Pepsi being pissed off too, showing their bottles exploding everywhere and the 2 delivery guys looking like eco-destroying doofs.

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