The True Strength Behind a Prestige Destination Brand


In an age of fast moving marketing, billion dollar social media property acquisitions and brand leadership on a massive scale, the Banff Springs Hotel stands out as a brand apart. It is a destination that has means different things to different travellers. Its brand stakeholders are incredibly varied. Throughout every engagement however the experiential brand of the Banff Springs Hotel consistently holds true. It stands as a reminder of what old world class and prestige truly means.

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Great SMBX event at Toronto Region Board of Trade


I had the pleasure of attending the first 2014 Small and Medium Business Exchange at the Toronto Regional Board of Trade. It was an inspiring and educational event that featured a keynote discussion panel led by George Babu Director, OMERS Ventures. His diverse background as once an entrepreneur and now as a Venture Capitalist made him an excellent moderator and very approachable to the other entrepreneurs in the room.

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Giving Credit to Better Credit
Union Branding


While crawling around the vastness of the internet the other day looking for some design inspiration, I came across a pretty cool company in San Francisco. They had a beautiful website, they offered cutting edge technology, a drive to help new entrepreneurs, a sense of community and social engagement, friendly knowledgeable staff and a ton of links to industry related resources and topics.
Pretty great. But what impressed me most was that this wasn’t a digital startup or Google lab experiment. What struck me the most was that this company was a credit union. Yeah, a credit union. You know – those scrappy financial institutes that seem to only exist on the outskirts of major cities next to an old windmill.

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Chip’s Ahoy! Captain John’s Casino Rebrand

Modu Design : Captain John's Re-Imagined

Love it or hate it, Captain John’s restaurant at the foot of Yonge Street has been a Toronto landmark since the mid 1970’s.

Full disclosure here. Modu Design and Captain John’s are neighbours – we’re at One Yonge right across the street from its mooring. While the restaurant in its prime may have been a great place to go with family and friends those days are long gone and most will agree that the boat has fallen into what can nicely be called a “state of disrepair” or at worse case “a horrible eyesore”.

But when we read that someone saw a chance of new life in the old girl, Modu saw a chance to create a new brand identity to go with it. The latest rumour/twist in this long story is there’s a possibility that the boat could be towed to Hamilton and refurbished as a casino.

A historic ship turned into a casino? I mean, how could we NOT do it! Check out our hypothetical identity project for the new Captain John’s Casino:

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