Modu Wins HOW Logo Design Award


WOW, what a huge day for us…

We were informed by HOW Design earlier today that our work has been selected as on of the top 10 winners in HOW Design’s Logo Design Awards for 2013. Needless to say we are stoked!

From over 1,000 logo designs submitted globally we won our award for the work we did for Arte Brasil, a Brazilian organization actively engaged in the social fabric of Brazil, creating and implementing high quality cultural and artistic projects. Through partnerships  AB is able to embrace its main goal: to mobilize society, organizations, artists and people in Brazil and worldwide.

Now the dark side of all this…

There is a Reader’s Choice Award up for grabs – essentially a Thunderdome competition made up of all 10 winners. Please select us as your Mad Max!

The entry with the most votes before 11:59 pm EST Sunday, November 10 will be dubbed the Reader’s Choice Award Winner.

You can vote for us once a day so don’t be shy about going back and voting many, many times.


We are absolutely thrilled to have done this work for a client who entrusted us with their vision.

Our initial conversation notes included “enchant and inspire” through the “magic of art”. Our friends at Arte Brasil told us they view art as a medium to engage and bring people together. We couldn’t say it any better than that…


Here’s a sample of our submission below.

Our work for Arte Brasil in its entirety can be found on our site here.


Thanks everyone!

– Modu

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