Disruption is a Euphemism for Extinction


Dinosaurs are a great example for companies worried about being disrupted. There have been 5 mass extinctions in the history of our planet. In between them there have been many extinction of species during ice ages and other changes in Earth’s history. During these extinctions any species of a certain size usually die out. Many large animals are built to last extreme changes but not necessarily the rapid ones. In the last mass extinction all the dinosaurs that were 50 pounds or less survived. Everything bigger than that died out. The smallest ones needed less resources to survive. When it’s winter, bigger is better. In a period of rapid changes smaller is better.

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Flying Cars Are Stupid

Flying Car Graphic

I was up this morning bright and early and started sifting through my twitter feed as I usually do, and one story that stuck out was an article from the Economist about the rate of innovation. In it the writer mentions Peter Thiel’s disappointment over the pace of innovation and seeks to refute this claim and the related claims of technological pessimists everywhere. Specifically Thiel mentions the example of flying cars. After years of conceptualizing and dreaming about them they still haven’t become a mass consumer product. Whenever I hear complaints like Thiel’s, the courtroom scene from A Few Good Men pops into my head. It’s a crude analogy, but it’s an entertaining caricature of why some technology comes to fruition faster than others. There’s a very good reason we don’t have flying cars. We want flying cars, but we can’t handle flying cars. We just aren’t ready.

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Chip’s Ahoy! Captain John’s Casino Rebrand

Modu Design : Captain John's Re-Imagined

Love it or hate it, Captain John’s restaurant at the foot of Yonge Street has been a Toronto landmark since the mid 1970’s.

Full disclosure here. Modu Design and Captain John’s are neighbours – we’re at One Yonge right across the street from its mooring. While the restaurant in its prime may have been a great place to go with family and friends those days are long gone and most will agree that the boat has fallen into what can nicely be called a “state of disrepair” or at worse case “a horrible eyesore”.

But when we read that someone saw a chance of new life in the old girl, Modu saw a chance to create a new brand identity to go with it. The latest rumour/twist in this long story is there’s a possibility that the boat could be towed to Hamilton and refurbished as a casino.

A historic ship turned into a casino? I mean, how could we NOT do it! Check out our hypothetical identity project for the new Captain John’s Casino:

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The Power of Streaming and Soda

I love this recent story about the banned Soda Stream Super Bowl ad.
Obviously Coke and Pepsi are the monster sponsors for the big show and CBS doesn’t want those dudes mad. I can see Coke and Pepsi being pissed off too, showing their bottles exploding everywhere and the 2 delivery guys looking like eco-destroying doofs. But I find it funny when commercials are BANNED in the digital age.

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Notes: Creative Technology and You

Put on as part of FFWD: Advertising & Marketing Week 2013 James Stewart (Geneva Film Company / www.genevafilmco.com) walked us through where technology is heading and its impact on how we will connect with future clients and customers.

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Spotlight: Cineplex Station Domination

Cineplex had never done a subway transit campaign before. They wanted to create a large scale holiday campaign to sell new movie releases at their online digital store. Modu was contacted to help with the campaign design and production which would cover 12 posters, a 40 foot wall wrap and 4 large murals in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. In 3 weeks. Oh yeah, it was our first transit campaign also.

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