Spotlight: Cineplex Station Domination

Cineplex had never done a subway transit campaign before. They wanted to create a large scale holiday campaign to sell new movie releases at their online digital store. Modu was contacted to help with the campaign design and production which would cover 12 posters, a 40 foot wall wrap and 4 large murals in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. In 3 weeks. Oh yeah, it was our first transit campaign also.

Give and Go was the theme of the campaign. You give a movie, you get a movie. Not bad! We wanted to create a feeling of a winter wonderland. Deep blues, crisp white snow and twinkling lights. A perfect setting for watching your favourite movies after a day of holiday shopping. For ease of purchase, QR codes were added to the posters for virtual shopping and free shipping.

The campaign was up for 4 weeks from mid November to December in all 3 cities. With exposure in high commuter traffic areas, this campaign has given a much needed boost to online dvd and download sales for Cineplex.

Check out the work here.

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