Chip’s Ahoy! Captain John’s Casino Rebrand

Modu Design : Captain John's Re-Imagined

Love it or hate it, Captain John’s restaurant at the foot of Yonge Street has been a Toronto landmark since the mid 1970’s.

Full disclosure here. Modu Design and Captain John’s are neighbours – we’re at One Yonge right across the street from its mooring. While the restaurant in its prime may have been a great place to go with family and friends those days are long gone and most will agree that the boat has fallen into what can nicely be called a “state of disrepair” or at worse case “a horrible eyesore”.

But when we read that someone saw a chance of new life in the old girl, Modu saw a chance to create a new brand identity to go with it. The latest rumour/twist in this long story is there’s a possibility that the boat could be towed to Hamilton and refurbished as a casino.

A historic ship turned into a casino? I mean, how could we NOT do it! Check out our hypothetical identity project for the new Captain John’s Casino:

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