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Arte Brasil Produção Cultural is a globally-oriented company that creates and executes high quality Cultural, Educational and Arts projects, aiming to mobilize society, organizations, artists and people in Brazil and worldwide.The challenge was to create a memorable brand identity for Arte Brasil that would speak both to the artistic community of Brazil and to the CEOís of the corporate world for which they rely on for program funding.


By focusing on the initials AB, we created a mark that was just abstract enough while still maintaining a clean and professional esthetic. The strong shapes of the A and the B allows the mark to stand strong on its own but is versatile enough to reflect the vibrancy and energy of the artists that the foundation represents.


We began the project with the understanding that it's all about the artist. Arte Brasil is the stage where all these visionaries can show their work. The identity is one that stands alongside the artists work showing itís unwavering support. The ending result is an identity thats simple and effective enough to successfully speak to 3 very different audiences. The client, the hundreds of artists it represents and the generous donors that make it possible.

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