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The Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC) wanted to launch a brand new program providing a community of peers, advisory services, networking opportunities and funding channels for women entrepreneurs. With traction in the Toronto business community, the TBDC felt there was still a large void in supplying sufficient business services to women throughout Ontario. The first task in front of the TBDC was to figure out the core brand message of this new initiative. Exactly what image did they want to project to their audience? The second hurdle was to then create a fitting and memorable name and identity to match the brand tone and message.


Working with key stakeholders we led them through a brand discovery process that helped to refine all aspects of their fundamental business strategy and in doing so highlight their competitive advantage. Once we were able to define their brand character, promise and position naming the initiative and creating visual identity and collateral became a natural and focused effort.


Welcome to to Ember.
Igniting the entrepreneurial spirit.

Knowing themselves and their market, and being armed with the language and visual communication tools to move forward Ember was launched at their first speaker event "The Power of the Entrepreneurial idea". With 200 paying attendees and speakers including David Chilton (The Wealthy Barber), Sarah Prevette ( & Betakit) and Julie Cole (Mabelís Labels) the brand launch was a phenominal sucess. Not only were current sponsors Sharp, Alterna Savings and Grand&Toy impressed, Ember was able to secure a new sponsorship with KPMG on the spot.



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