Client : Manulife Financial      Project : Supervisa Video Series

Art Direction  |  Design  |  Storyboarding  |  Video


Manulife Financial decided to update their internal communication material for their sales team. Too many wordy and confusing sales documents clogged their database, making communication difficult to potential customers. The idea of trimming and converting the content into short video tutorials was the perfect way to cut through the confusion. The SuperVisa program was the pilot project for the new video direction. Modu was asked to create the visual look and feel along with the video production of the series of videos, two of which are featured below.


Modu jumped into storyboard artwork first based on scripts provided by Manulife. Our creative direction then paved the way for the overall tone and pace of each film. We sourced out voice over talent as well to narrate the scripts in both french and english as well as providing the accompanying music. Working closely with local video agency Angle Media, we began to bring the videos to life.


Both client and sales staff were incredibly happy with the results of the SuperVisa videos. Staff proclaimed the pilot project was both engaging, informative and easy to understand. Based on the success of SuperVisa, Modu will be working on the next round of internal sales videos for 2013.

View two of the videos here:

What is Supervisa?

Travel Insurance for Supervisa

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